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Matt ACM

Jiyu ACP company is top 5 quality brand in domestic building materials industry Focus on supplying a large range of aluminium composite panels and Materials. The surface of the aluminum composite panel undergoes brush treatment, and comes with the protective coating that can be removed. The back of the panel adopts corrsion-resisting aluminium. Our matt aluminium composite panel is used increasing in interior decoration, kitchen, household appliance and furniture etc. Costom-design is also available.

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A wide range of applications

1)May be widely used in gallaies,exhibition,saloons,stores,offices,banks,hotels,restaurants and apartments

2)An ideal decorative materials for buildings

3)An ideal outer and inner walls

4)Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway, interiors

5)Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations

6)Telephone booth, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage etc.


what a kind of product you want

Stainless Steel

we see that it had been first developed in this 1960's and used extensively by people and industrialists as it had a great deal of benefits.

1) Flatness and smoothness

2) Heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistant

3) Weather resistant

4) High Mechanical Strength and Toughness

5) Excellent self-cleaning character

6)Diversified colors & different textures are available on request

technical specifications

A wide range of applications


Test standard


Thickness of coating

PVDF paint≧25um

26um to 28 um

Coating Flexibility (T-bend)

PVDF paint≦2T


Color difference

ΔE≦2.0(Follow color sample)


Pencil Hardness



Chemical Resistance

5%HCL or5%NaOH test in 24 hourd- No change; ASTM D1308

No change

Coating Adhesion

≧1Grade for 10*10 mm2 grading Test

1 grade

Resist Solvent

No charge for 200 times (MEK)

No change

Boiling Strength/Stripping Strength

Coating no tear off for 2 hour boiling

No tear off

Peeling Strength/ Shipping Strength

Average≧7N/mm of 180oC peel for panel with 0.5mm alu.skin


Impact Test for Paint

50Kg.cm impact-paint no split for panel

No split

Abrasion Resistance(L/Mil)



Temperature resistance

-40℃ to +80℃temperature without change of color tolerance , paint peel off, peeling strength average dropprate ≦10%

Change of gloss only. No paint peel off

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion

100℃temperature difference


Detergent Resistance(3%)

ASTM D2248

No change



ASTM D2247

No change

Salt Spray Resistance (3000hrs, 5% salt


No change

Resistance Staining

4000h radiate in 800W/㎡ in humidity condition, glossiness, deviation less grade2, color difference ≦4.0

No change


because of the professional so trustworthy

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